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Viagra the elixir of life

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It is worth pondering what men’s health would be like if Viagra the wonder drug had not been invented. Viagra is truly a miraculous drug which shook the whole world. This drug is helpful not only to men but also greatly benefits the women as it makes a couple’s life strong and exciting, resulting in a happy healthy relationship. The once powerless men became powerful and alive with Viagra, which gave them the same old feel of being youthful. Who knows, Viagra maybe the elixir of life which man has been searching for since ancient times!!
Though considered not a subject to be discussed majority of men suffer from erectile dysfunction. It is thought to be a very clandestine subject, the discovery of which is sufficient to make a male feel powerless and weak. That is why in earlier days men were reluctant to disclose that they suffer from erectile dysfunction and even ignored medical treatment. However, after Pfizer.Inc introduced viagra in 1999, all orthodox barriers were broken, men came to realize that there are many like them who suffer and it is a very normal phenomenon which can be cured or improved with medication.

Erectile dysfunction is a condition when penis cannot get full and hard erection inorder to perform sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction can happen to any male adult irrespective of age or sexual experience. It can happen in the early twenties and even when a person is in his seventies however, men in their 40’s and 50’s are more prone to get the disease. The most common physical reasons are old age, high blood pressure, diabetes, drug abuse, low testosterone levels, cigarette smoking, Alcohol, spinal cord damage, cardiovascular diseases, strong medications used for treatment of other diseases and the psychological causes include depression and anxiety.

The severity of erectile dysfunction is not the same with everybody. There are some people who cannot get erection at all while there are some who could get erection but not strong and hard enough for penetration and there are other groups who get erection and can actually perform sexual intercourse but lose their erection very quick. These conditions bring them in a very vulnerable state as their partners might not understand and despise them and may even drag them for a divorce. Therefore, according to the level of severity of erectile dysfunction, it is grouped as mild erectile dysfunction, moderate erectile dysfunction and severe erectile dysfunction.

However, this kind of story has not been heard for a long time since the launch of viagra in the market. Men have become more confident and women are happier. Viagra can be taken 16 minutes to 4 hours before sexual intercourse as it becomes effective within 16 minutes and the effect lasts upto 4 hours. Viagra works by relaxing the vessels which carries the blood to the chamber of the penis and makes the penis hard and strong for sexual intercourse.

Viagra though effective and very helpful for thousands of male’s can also be fatal if the precautions are not heeded. It is strictly not to be taken together with nitrates as it can cause a very low blood pressure which can even result in death. You should not get panic if you experience flushing, headache, mild nasal congestion, diarrhea and rash or itching as they are common side-effects of viagra which go away in no time.

In this 21st century, a number of people are suffering from sex-related problems, but they do not know where to go for the treatment of these problems. Inability to sexually satisfy partners is called erectile dysfunction where a man is unable to have long lasting and firm erection. If you lie in this situation, then it is advised to buy Viagra as the medication is considered as one of the effective drugs that heals male impotency. If you are looking for Viagra at cheap rates, then you can have generic Viagra as the drug is available at cheap rates and is chemically identical to Viagra. However, generic Viagra is sold under various names, such as sildenafil citrate, depend upon the company sells it.

How does generic Viagra work?

Containing sildenafil citrate, generic Viagra allows impotent men to respond to sexual stimulation. The arteries in the penis relax and widen when a man is sexually aroused, hence there is more blood flow in the penis. Due to the more blood flowing in and less flowing out, penis gets enlarged, resulting in a firm and long lasting erection. So, buy cheap generic Viagra to sexually satisfy your partner. Some of the important features of generic Viagra include:

* Generic Viagra comprises of sildenafil citrate

* Generic Viagra is effective just like brand name Viagra pills

* Patients can buy generic Viagra online pharmacy in the UK without a prescription

How to administer Generic Viagra?

Buy generic Viagra only after proper consultation with healthcare providers as they are the apt sources to decide your candidature for the drug. Sometimes, they may perform some minor tests as well. The drug is recommended to administer 30 minutes before having sexual activities and is effective for 4 to 6 hours. 50mg generic Viagra is apt for most of the users, but sometimes the dose can be increased to 100mg or decreased to 25mg, depending upon patients and their health complications. Alcohal and fatty foods are not allowed if you already have administered generic Viagra as they may limit the effectiveness of the drug.

Buy cheap generic Viagra to sexually satisfy your partner by having firm and long lasting erection. Like other drugs, the drug is also home to some side-effects that are mild and go away with the regular use of the medication.

How to buy cheap generic Viagra?

There are a number of online drug stores available in the internet. All you need to do is find a suitable one and order. Most of the reliable drug stores offer free shipment facility as well. So, buy cheap generic Viagra and get rid of sex-related problems and have happy conjugal relationship

Impotence or the erectile dysfunction is one of the most common sexual disorders among male. While there are several treatments available for this ailment, a little number of them is reliable and cost-effective. For instance, while Viagra is an effective ED treatment, the drug cost a bomb. If you are using this medicine then you know how costly the Viagra is. However, treatment of impotence could be cost-effective with revolutionary Generic Viagra.

Impotence can be described as inability to achieve erection and sustain it. Patients suffering from erectile dysfunction cannot be sexually aroused even when he desires it. Even if he desires to have sex, the person cannot maintain erection that is hard enough to penetrate.

You can easily overcome this problem with reliable ED treatment such as generic Viagra. Since lack of sufficient blood flow in the penis area causes impotence, generic Viagra enhances blood circulation and thus, desired erection.

Generic Viagra is easy to use and provide sure shot remedy to erection dysfunction. The magic pills start working within half an hour of intake and its effects lasts as long as 48 hours. That means, you can expect desired erection and sustain it with the single dose of generic Viagra.

There is a little number mild side effect of generic viagra India. The safe and reliable erectile dysfunction can be taken with a glass of water with minimum precautions. The natural treatment is safe and you need not to worry about. Use of generic Viagra can do wonders when it comes to have greater sexual satisfaction and happy married relations.

There are some online pharmacies of repute that offer cheap generic Viagra. You can order them from the comforts of your home and they will ship them at your doorstep in no time. So, get the effective generic Viagra and expect satisfied sexual life.

Viagra is considered to be an effective medicine but very costly. Why to pay more if you will get the best quality and efficiency of Generic Viagra. So you can buy Generic Viagra and use it. This will give you the enormous pleasure of sexual stimulation and you will enjoy a better sexual life. The sexual health demonstrates to be the turning point in a relationship. Before starting taking Generic Viagra you should research and find the important information about the Generic Viagra so that you know the benefits and usage of this medicine.

Men suffering from erectile dysfunction he can use Generic Viagra as a treatment tot his desease. The generic name of Viagra is Sildenafil Citrate. Generic Viagra is a cost-effective supplement comparing with Brand Viagra. It has the same active ingredient formula as the brand name drug and works as efficiently as Pfizer’s Viagra. Both drugs are analogous in quality, purity, strength, dosage and take the same time to work.

Generic Viagra is very efficient and is pretty safe to take. This medicine for erectile dysfunction works with the chemicals in the body and provides the much needed erection of the penis. You should not take Generic Viagra without consulting the doctor, especially when you have diseases linked with liver, kidney or heart. It is not possible to get an erection without any stimulation even if you have taken Generic Viagra because it is neither homemade nor an aphrodisiac.

Like any other medicines, Generic Viagra can cause side effects but they are mild and don’t last for a long time. Side effects may include upset stomach, facial flushing and headache. It may also cause unclear or bluish vision. Generic Viagra medicine is manufactured in accordance with WHO guidelines and standards. If your partner faces any kind of sexual dysfunction the main reason may result into an emotional commotion. In any cases, Generic Viagra will help you to enhance your sexual life.

Generic Viagra which is also called Sildenafil Citrate an oral medicine prescribed to treat male impotence also known as erectile dysfunction or ED. It appears in the market by containing the same active ingredients as the brand Viagra. So those who worried that whether it is safe or not can rely on this drug because this drug is different from the brand Viagra only in name otherwise it is similar to branded in everything as color, size, strength and effects. One of the great advantages of choosing Generic Viagra instead branded is lower price of the drug called Generic Viagra.

It normally takes only 30 minutes to start action and ensure its user to have a satisfied sexual stimulation with his partner along with more pleasure that couldn’t be forget ever. This drug formulated specifically to dispel all the symptoms of erectile dysfunction by increasing the blood flow into the penile arteries of men which is the main part and helps the male person to attain or sustain sufficient erection during their intercourse and enable him to have a complete and satisfied sexual stimulation with his partner.

When you Buy Viagra you have to ready for both advantages as well as fewer side effects. Though, Generic Viagra has some complications while using it but the best thing is that such complications are for very short time period which is only some hour somehow few minutes and are natural that can be finish within least time span as it contains the same active ingredients as brand Viagra available in the market.

Generic Cialis is also another one excellent quality generic medicine and its name intends itself that it comes from the group of several generic medicines which are specifically formulated to help the men who suffer erectile dysfunction. It is also known as the name of Tadalafil as it has the ingredient called Tadalafil that help men to retain an erection when he sexually aroused with his partner after using this drug.

It is also an oral medicine and prescribed to treat erectile dysfunction or male impotence instantly. Though it work similar to Generic Viagra but the one thing that made it better is its remaining duration of effectiveness. Yes, Generic Cialis remain effective 36 to 40 hours with full of effectiveness and power which is undoubtedly a bigger duration of remaining than Generic Viagra.

If you also required a cheapest medication to treat your impotence because you couldn’t afford the branded due to its higher cost than generic medicines can definitely be a best alternate for you. Just rely on above mentioned drugs Generic Cialis Canada and Generic Viagra; and buy any one of them either buy Viagra or Cialis through the HQ Canada pharmacy and dispel your Erectile Dysfunction problem effectively.

Generic Viagra is a very powerful impotence cure which helps in treating erectile issues in men and making it easier for the aroused esquire to gain and uphold straightening that matches the levels of intimacy. The launch of the super pill Viagra was done in 1985 by the most well known pharmaceutical Pfizer. The medicine is the best resource which is the most reliable online solution that plays a major role in relieving male difficulties that obstruct them from getting in to pleasurable physical act.

Initially, the invention of sildenafil citrate was made for treating pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) in people, but later on, the medicine was found to be the most effective drug that performs great for improving the erotic capabilities in men, with flawless results. The chemical was soon formed in blue pills popular flourished in market under the name of Viagra.

Viagra is a very popular anti-impotence solution which performs by improving the male capabilities which makes them perform well during the love making sessions. Initially the sildenafil citrate was offered under the name of brand Viagra, the medicine performs great by improving the internal arterial intricate and making the straightening process perform in the natural manner. The drug under the brand name is offered at expensive rates, as the original companies invest huge amounts of their profits on the advertising and promotional activities. Besides, branded drugs are patented which performs phenomenal by improving male abilities to get in the ocean of erotic emotions.

Later on, online drugstores came up with an exciting idea of providing customers with quality solutions but at economic rates. Generic Viagra was the one, which came in to existence, various pharmacies offering medical solutions online turned with providing generic version of the branded drugs with the basic elements like sildenafil citrate remaining the same. The medicine performs in the similar manner as the originals do; the only factor that differs is the price of the product.

Generic Viagra Canada ranges amongst the PDE5 inhibitors which works for getting and delivering complete pleasure in erotic attempts made despite of the male partner being suffering from impotence. Online the power drug is sold at inexpensive rates; the quality of the drug remains unaltered.

However, the medicine performs in the wondrous manner by making the love meetings most happening experience that can acts as the major bridge that builds up the pathway for the two coming closer. It is the most reliable solution that performs great by boosting the virile abilities and by improving the man’s response to the act of incorporation.

However, people find it difficult to rely on the super generic solution whether it would deliver the effects or not, also because of its lowest prices the drug was under a debatable issue, but the pharmacies cleared the concept, of cheap rates, the medicine is offered at cost effective rates because the online drug providers invest a very less amount of their profits on the advertising and promotional activities , instead they provide these meds at cheap rates to the customers, benefitting them by offering quality drugs without letting them pay much on it.

Review Summary

All that a man suffering from ED can ask for in a product advertised to potentially aid him is that the manufacturer give him substantive information to base a decision upon. An explanation of ingredients and what they do are paramount. Some scientific evidence would be helpful. Some testimonials and reviews from experts may go a long way to reassure him as well. Insights into his condition may also provide some important knowledge, but this product, for some reason, does none of that. So we have to make the most of what the maker’s simple claims to assess it properly.

Product At A Glance

This product’s advertising is put forth only in the most vague and general terms possible. The makers tout that it is all natural, is pure and potent, and has overall benefits. Yet, it sounds like claims made for many products we’ve seen without anything specific or unique in them. It attempts to carve out its niche by comparing itself favorably to injections, prescription drugs and surgical procedures.

Product In Focus

Androvin claims to have all the right ingredients a man needs to ameliorate his problem, but does not list even one. It claims it will build a man’s confidence and ability, but doesn’t mention how. It suggests it will alleviate anxiety and fear of failure, but gives us no proof. At best, it says a man needs only 1 pill a day, and that it costs $79.90, but features a discount. How can a manufacturer provide such little support for a product and expect consumers to pay any attention?


Erectile dysfunction is every man’s bane and to be able to resolve it with a single pill once a day is very attractive. Solving ED problems may bring renewed confidence in and out of the bedroom. They can enter into an intimacy fully prepared and ready to give and receive pleasure. So it may be heartening to know such products exist; however, it its imperative that the product be proven and the manufacturers forthright about the benefits and ingredients.


* Said to contain natural ingredients
* Easy ordering


* Lack of information available
* No known sexual enhancers like Epimedium and Damiana
* No clinical proof of efficacy at this time
* No product guarantee found
* No testimonials
* High cost