Generic Viagra which is also called Sildenafil Citrate an oral medicine prescribed to treat male impotence also known as erectile dysfunction or ED. It appears in the market by containing the same active ingredients as the brand Viagra. So those who worried that whether it is safe or not can rely on this drug because this drug is different from the brand Viagra only in name otherwise it is similar to branded in everything as color, size, strength and effects. One of the great advantages of choosing Generic Viagra instead branded is lower price of the drug called Generic Viagra.

It normally takes only 30 minutes to start action and ensure its user to have a satisfied sexual stimulation with his partner along with more pleasure that couldn’t be forget ever. This drug formulated specifically to dispel all the symptoms of erectile dysfunction by increasing the blood flow into the penile arteries of men which is the main part and helps the male person to attain or sustain sufficient erection during their intercourse and enable him to have a complete and satisfied sexual stimulation with his partner.

When you Buy Viagra you have to ready for both advantages as well as fewer side effects. Though, Generic Viagra has some complications while using it but the best thing is that such complications are for very short time period which is only some hour somehow few minutes and are natural that can be finish within least time span as it contains the same active ingredients as brand Viagra available in the market.

Generic Cialis is also another one excellent quality generic medicine and its name intends itself that it comes from the group of several generic medicines which are specifically formulated to help the men who suffer erectile dysfunction. It is also known as the name of Tadalafil as it has the ingredient called Tadalafil that help men to retain an erection when he sexually aroused with his partner after using this drug.

It is also an oral medicine and prescribed to treat erectile dysfunction or male impotence instantly. Though it work similar to Generic Viagra but the one thing that made it better is its remaining duration of effectiveness. Yes, Generic Cialis remain effective 36 to 40 hours with full of effectiveness and power which is undoubtedly a bigger duration of remaining than Generic Viagra.

If you also required a cheapest medication to treat your impotence because you couldn’t afford the branded due to its higher cost than generic medicines can definitely be a best alternate for you. Just rely on above mentioned drugs Generic Cialis Canada and Generic Viagra; and buy any one of them either buy Viagra or Cialis through the HQ Canada pharmacy and dispel your Erectile Dysfunction problem effectively.