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Would you like to always enjoy sex? Strange and even silly question – that is what the majority of men would say as the answer seems to be obvious for them. Alas, in fact, some men dream about having a full-fledged sexual intercourse at least sometimes. Yes, this is impotence or, as it known in medical circles, erectile dysfunction that sooner or later becomes a terrible reality for many representatives of the stronger sex. But don’t worry, we’re not going to scare you as THERE IS a well-tried remedy against impotence! Now you can rely on Viagra Online – Canada may rest assured that every of its man who need a help at struggle with erectile dysfunction will get it really fast!

What is impotence?

Impotence (erectile dysfunction) is defined as the repeated inability to keep up erection that is necessary for sexual intercourse. Both elderly and young men suffer from this dysfunction that can be caused by many different reasons. In elderly men the cause of impotence is often chronic diseases or injuries while for younger people it is more a psychological problem. In this case erectile dysfunction may be connected with psychological injuries in childhood or adolescence, lack of sexual experience, fear of being ridiculed, fear of sexually transmitted diseases, etc.

Other causes of impotence include:
– lack of testosterone in the body;
– damage of vessel walls leading to blood supply disturbance;
– consequences of strokes, diseases and injuries of peripheral nerves and the central nervous system;
– intake of medicines for the treatment of other serious diseases such as gout, cardiovascular and ulcerous diseases, mental disorders, etc.;
– pernicious habits like smoking, alcohol consumption, harmful food, frequent taking sauna, stress and more.

How does Viagra overcome impotence?

Everybody seems to hear about Viagra, but really a few of us do understand how it works and why it truly helps. Contrary to the diffused opinion Canadian Viagra and its analogues affect only blood supply of penis and have no psychotropic effects. This means that the drug can improve potency, but does not stimulate libido. However, physicians have noted that when there is normal erection the desire of sex often comes on its own.

And what does Viagra do to stimulate erection? Viagra has a selective effect allowing to expand penis blood vessels and to increase blood filling of the sexual organ when there is sexual excitement, and thus Viagra contributes to achieving and keeping up erection at the proper level. In addition to effect on the potency Viagra improves the quality of sexual intercourse providing longer duration (time of ejaculation), reducing the time of recreation between the contacts, improving emotional perception of orgasm.

Viagra effect is caused due to the characteristics of its active substance, Sildenafil, which is a synthesized inhibitor of cGMP-specific enzyme, phosphodiesterase type 5. PDE5 neutralizes guanosine monophosphate enzyme which is responsible for increasing nitrogen oxides level and relaxing smooth muscles of penis. If they can’t relax, penis blood filling decreases and erection cannot be achieved. Sildenafil inhibits PDE5 allowing the muscles of penis to relax and stimulating blood flow to the sexual organ. Thus Viagra helps treat impotence in all those cases, when it is related to problems of psychological, vascular and mixed nature.
Keep in mind that today Viagra in Canada is available (click here to see offers) and every man suffering from erectile dysfunction can purchase these magic pills at any time he needs the help. So enjoy sex ALWAYS when you’d like to and say to impotence shut up!