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I’ve been using a dozen of online Viagra drugstores, and should say that so-so shopping experience was compensated with affordability of the pills. I had a clear point of view that this is the way shopping for drugs online works in general… but as soon as I’ve discovered Canadian Health&Care pharmacy I’ve changed my opinion once and for all.

Well, it’s not that easy to find a decent medications seller as it may seem – an overwhelming majority of drugs platforms is literally obsessed with money making. And because of huge, unquenchable demand in Viagra-like solutions (just Viagra alone has helped over 100ml. of males around the globe eliminate the manifestations of erectile dysfunction and get back to normality) the quality of customer service and products oftentimes goes through the floor. It oftentimes happens that people who have managed to find at least something (a store that offers relatively cheap Viagra with no extra features and shopping experience you’ve got used to at myriads of other industries) rarely switch to something new. But when you are looking for quality drugs on the web you should give a try to plenty of options until you find the best one, unless you don’t know where to buy drugs.

Real story. Real facts.

So here’s my story – I’ve discovered Canadian Health&Care Mall in the beginning of 2011 when I was looking for affordable alternatives to original Viagra by Pfizer. Because of my physiology I have to resort to pde-5 solutions regularly, which means considerable expenses in the long run. Unfortunately, I cannot afford buying original medications at the moment (perhaps, if I had heaps of money I wouldn’t bother myself with savings, but that’s not my case). At Canadian Health&Care Mall Company I save around $40 on 1 pack of Viagra, which means around $900 in savings annually. I’m just a regular buyer and I drop in at the website regularly to see what’s new is in store (I monitor discounts and promotions, launched on a quite regular basis). I’m also subscribed to the newsletter so I get the exclusive offers delivered straight to my email. I don’t even count the money I’m saving with bonuses. Yes, these guys tend to upgrade your orders with extra pack of medication without even noticing you. For the first time I’ve got an extra pack of Viagra worthy $50 I was amazed. But the pleasant surprise was there a couple of times more.

The quality

Believe me, I do have things to compare with. I’ve been buying original Viagra in the beginning as I was convinced that was the only option you have. This way or the other, when Viagra expenses have started burning a hole in my pocket, I’ve started checking alternatives, and after some 5-7 orders at different companies I’ve found CH&CM Viagra in Canada… and the difference was absolutely crucial. You can compare the quality of Viagra at Canadian Health&Care Mall with original preparation and I bet you will not be able to find any difference. The onset of effect takes around 40 minutes in both cases. Side effects? It seems that if you take a pill with a high concentration of active ingredient mild headaches seem to be inevitable (I’ve been testing a huge variety of Viagra modifications). In both cases the action is maintained within up to 4 hours, give it or take.

Now back to the customer service – the speed of delivery is something that has space for improvement (especially if you live in far-removed regions), however, if you place your order on, let’s say, Monday, you can expect the delivery on Friday (maybe earlier). The order is delivered to your door in a firm, discreet package and with no signs that it is medication. I used to contact customer care team to update the status of my order and both times a reply followed in 2-5 hours.

You should definitely give it a try, I highly recommend buying from this platform – they are fair, diligent and reliable. You will hardly find such an impressive price-value mix