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You don’t even realize how many things happen to you when you get older. Wrinkles and flabby skin are the least problems, believe me. When it comes to man’s life, one rarely feels like a real man. Sexual life after 60 is a kind of a lottery: the chance is 1 to 1 000 000. Well, you may say that there are so many benefits in aging! I didn’t notice any of them. All I noticed was my ED issue, a young and unsatisfied wife and many young and strong men around her eager to pick her up.

Ordinary Life Is Over

Generic Viagra

You may think this guy is crazy. But I know whatever is written here will remain anonymous. This isn’t a new story, but there’s much to say.

My life was easy and comfortable: a house in a suburban area, two cars, children by my first wife, two grandsons and a lovely granddaughter, business and home pets. I had a wife in her 40s, still beautiful and sexy (main features I chose her for).

Because of poor economy I closed a part of my business. Because of stress and frequent failures that I didn’t know since my kids were teens I faced a new problem. Unlike my business affairs, this new issue wasn’t easy to solve. Within couple of months I felt helpless and even lost in bed.

Shock was my first reaction. Suddenly I realized I was old.

Exaggeration or…?

It never was an exaggeration. When you are lucky enough to suffer from a dysfunction, it becomes the #1 problem for many reasons and your sexual inability is just one of them. The problem is that this is the issue you can’t tell anyone about, because it’s too personal and you feel ashamed.

Every night I stayed in my office longer than I did before, read more than during 60 years of my life, knew all reality show characters and was well-informed in foreign policy, better than most people of my age.

My wife knew it was going to happen someday. And I was sure there can’t be such thing as “Sorry, sweetheart” in my life. She was the one, who supported me and insisted on talking to my doc. I waited for 4 months to make an appointment, and now there’s not a thing I regret more than my hesitation.

Prescriptions That Work

Before talking about my visit, I want to share my experience of the Internet research. It’s clear what I was looking for: secret remedies that promise an immediate cure and no future problems. Guys, don’t look for them, if you have ED. The treatment process takes time and efforts. You are going to need all your partner’s support and all your own will to win.

ED medications are various. There are both brand and generic pills. They are effective, yet can lead to different results in different males. There’s no single universal dose that suits everyone. I’ve heard much about Generic Viagra pills. Well, who hasn’t? Millions of males have already experienced their benefits after ordering them from Canadian Pharmacy Still there were a few, who told about failures. Was there anything they did the wrong way? I was eager to find out. And my doc was the only person to help.

Frankly speaking, it was long time ago that I felt so embarrassed. But soon I figured out that it’s a common problem and my physician treats it as any other disease. Get ready to a full examination, guys. It took couple of hours to be examined and couple of days to wait for all results before I got my prescription.

Getting Back to Norm

Now I get home earlier and go to bed feeling confident. I take a single 50 mg pill about 40 minutes before the intercourse. I go for hours, as if I am in my 30s again. No sweat, headache or whatever. Once I didn’t tell my doc about the side effect (dizziness) just because I knew it was due to alcohol I drank before sex.

Today I hardly believe I was worried about my ED. And many men still keep worrying. It’s scary to realize that before Generic Viagra appeared, impotence was an incurable disease, hidden from wives and doctors. I shared my story for one purpose only: to make males like me admit their problem and ask for help in achieving erections. There is no such thing as an embarrassing condition, when you are speaking to a physician.

Your erectile dysfunction is nothing more than a regular medical condition. A treatable condition, you know. The solution is temporary, and no one makes a great secret of it, yet it shows that sex after 60 can be even better than before. Anyway, I always have Generic Viagra with to be sure that whenever there’s a chance for intercourse I am fully armed.