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Generic Viagra with a new twist

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The generic competition for the quality health care medications is rising on with a great pace. More and more people believe on online buying due to the reliability and finest action mechanism. The drugs deliver outstanding results by working on the penile dysfunction. The drug form is unified using Sildenafil citrate as the basic formula to overcome sexual discrepancies. Erectile dysfunction (ED) in men is a very distressing condition that limits the erotic performance making it difficult to attain complete pleasures.While generic Viagra came in, the troubles of men with such dreaded condition got to an end. The performance abilities of the drug make it a super sensational treatment fighting impotence. Viagra super active plus

Viagra jet was developed and it first started selling it in Mexico and other developing nations within US. This is a chewable form that is easy to consume. The drugs are nothing different and the only thing that makes it unique is its forms. Viagra forms work phenomenal and do share a major contribution when action mechanism and fast performance is concerned.The semi-liquefied and the chewable ones require less time in comparison to 100mg tablets. The effects remain unchanged. Similar to Viagra, various other Ed curing alternatives are offered in different drug forms. This medications work phenomenal by rejuvenating sensual prowess and easing the troubles of a man while attaining erection that makes him feel sensational.

As per the market researches, the revenue generated by these pharmaceutical companies involved in Ed curing medications alone, have passed the numbers of $ 5 billion of sales in a year. Various nations and companies are getting in the race to bring in something that is new and different from the monotonous drug that has been securing the king’s seat from years together.Research is also on its way to Brazil, the nation is working on a super fast acting drug form that functions in increasing the blood flow by relaxing the smooth muscle cells. Whereas, the existing generics like Viagra perform by entering in to the blood streams indirectly through stomach, liver or intestines, the upcoming form is expected to enter by dissolving in the capillaries with space below the tongue, resulting in a fast acting performance that requires a mere time of 10 to 15 minutes.

Viagra jet a new form of the Ed cure has initially test marketed in Mexico, The reason behind choosing the city was the increased number of Viagra sales which heighted to around $55 million of total sales within last year. The basic motive while turning up such solutions was the ease to consume the medication and relieve the troubles of men while ingesting the hard 100mg tablet.Moving on, we can expect many more such innovative drug forms that would further make it easier for the man to consume and experience better results. The flaws in the recent treatments need to be carried out making it a finer outcome with improved efficacies.