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ED is problem number one among men after 40. Great number of males suffers from inability to gain and maintain an erection. The question is rather intimate, thus no one wants to share it and keeps struggling for years. However, those who strive to overcome the condition and enjoy a fledged life have a perfect option nowadays: Canadian Health&Care Mall is the place that will revive your life, raise your self-esteem and add to your confidence.

Canadian Health&Care Mall Offers All Types of Generic Viagra Online

Perfect quality Canadian Viagra of different types is offered in the online store. The most advantageous thing about it is the quality that exceeds the price. For high-quality medicines produced by reputable manufacturers you will get quite competitive prices. Moreover, all the personal information, condition, order history and other data will be preserved from the third party, so you will keep completely incognito. Due to professional customer support service you can also get consultations about all the disturbing moments. Available 24 hours, 7 days a week, the service assists you in dealing from the tiniest to the most significant issues.

Canadian Viagra – Important to Know

Viagra serves as one of the most famous and required medicines to treat ED, thus, Canadian Health Care Mall offers a wide variety of its types and doses. Sildenafil is an active ingredient of any Viagra type, so generally the effect is the same, though some changes are observed in the duration of the effect, its force, etc. Usually, Viagra starts working an hour after the intake, so you need to take the pills approximately this time before sexual activity.

Being a rather effective method, Viagra still requires a man to be sexually driven and stimulated. The result will be viewed in no time and last for around 4 hours. During these long four hours you have a chance to enjoy as many erections as you want and have strength.

Types of Viagra at Canadian Health&Care Mall

Canadian Health&Care Mall offers a great selection of various ED medications, with many of them being types of Viagra. Canadian Generic Viagra is of great quality and has different effect depending on your wishes. Thus, a few main Viagra types can be singled out:

• Classic Generic Viagra is offered in three dosages – 25, 50 and 10 mg and gives you a perfect chance to restore your potency. Viagra includes Sildenafil as an active ingredient. Classic Viagra is recommended for those suffering from occasional erectile dysfunction problems.

• Viagra Professional has an increased amount of active ingredient and is generally used by those with severe ED condition. The effect is more powerful though its duration is sometimes the same.

• Viagra Super Active – the name says everything about the medicine. Super formula extremely rich in Sildenafil will promote your sexual stamina and give you an opportunity to enjoy sexual activities more often.

• Red Viagra, Black Viagra and Viagra Super Force come with the same result, being recommended for customers with ED. Effective, powerful and safe pills will bring you back to life.