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You don’t even realize how many things happen to you when you get older. Wrinkles and flabby skin are the least problems, believe me. When it comes to man’s life, one rarely feels like a real man. Sexual life after 60 is a kind of a lottery: the chance is 1 to 1 000 000. Well, you may say that there are so many benefits in aging! I didn’t notice any of them. All I noticed was my ED issue, a young and unsatisfied wife and many young and strong men around her eager to pick her up.

Ordinary Life Is Over

Generic Viagra

You may think this guy is crazy. But I know whatever is written here will remain anonymous. This isn’t a new story, but there’s much to say.

My life was easy and comfortable: a house in a suburban area, two cars, children by my first wife, two grandsons and a lovely granddaughter, business and home pets. I had a wife in her 40s, still beautiful and sexy (main features I chose her for).

Because of poor economy I closed a part of my business. Because of stress and frequent failures that I didn’t know since my kids were teens I faced a new problem. Unlike my business affairs, this new issue wasn’t easy to solve. Within couple of months I felt helpless and even lost in bed.

Shock was my first reaction. Suddenly I realized I was old.

Exaggeration or…?

It never was an exaggeration. When you are lucky enough to suffer from a dysfunction, it becomes the #1 problem for many reasons and your sexual inability is just one of them. The problem is that this is the issue you can’t tell anyone about, because it’s too personal and you feel ashamed.

Every night I stayed in my office longer than I did before, read more than during 60 years of my life, knew all reality show characters and was well-informed in foreign policy, better than most people of my age.

My wife knew it was going to happen someday. And I was sure there can’t be such thing as “Sorry, sweetheart” in my life. She was the one, who supported me and insisted on talking to my doc. I waited for 4 months to make an appointment, and now there’s not a thing I regret more than my hesitation.

Prescriptions That Work

Before talking about my visit, I want to share my experience of the Internet research. It’s clear what I was looking for: secret remedies that promise an immediate cure and no future problems. Guys, don’t look for them, if you have ED. The treatment process takes time and efforts. You are going to need all your partner’s support and all your own will to win.

ED medications are various. There are both brand and generic pills. They are effective, yet can lead to different results in different males. There’s no single universal dose that suits everyone. I’ve heard much about Generic Viagra pills. Well, who hasn’t? Millions of males have already experienced their benefits after ordering them from Canadian Pharmacy Still there were a few, who told about failures. Was there anything they did the wrong way? I was eager to find out. And my doc was the only person to help.

Frankly speaking, it was long time ago that I felt so embarrassed. But soon I figured out that it’s a common problem and my physician treats it as any other disease. Get ready to a full examination, guys. It took couple of hours to be examined and couple of days to wait for all results before I got my prescription.

Getting Back to Norm

Now I get home earlier and go to bed feeling confident. I take a single 50 mg pill about 40 minutes before the intercourse. I go for hours, as if I am in my 30s again. No sweat, headache or whatever. Once I didn’t tell my doc about the side effect (dizziness) just because I knew it was due to alcohol I drank before sex.

Today I hardly believe I was worried about my ED. And many men still keep worrying. It’s scary to realize that before Generic Viagra appeared, impotence was an incurable disease, hidden from wives and doctors. I shared my story for one purpose only: to make males like me admit their problem and ask for help in achieving erections. There is no such thing as an embarrassing condition, when you are speaking to a physician.

Your erectile dysfunction is nothing more than a regular medical condition. A treatable condition, you know. The solution is temporary, and no one makes a great secret of it, yet it shows that sex after 60 can be even better than before. Anyway, I always have Generic Viagra with to be sure that whenever there’s a chance for intercourse I am fully armed.

I’ve been using a dozen of online Viagra drugstores, and should say that so-so shopping experience was compensated with affordability of the pills. I had a clear point of view that this is the way shopping for drugs online works in general… but as soon as I’ve discovered Canadian Health&Care pharmacy I’ve changed my opinion once and for all.

Well, it’s not that easy to find a decent medications seller as it may seem – an overwhelming majority of drugs platforms is literally obsessed with money making. And because of huge, unquenchable demand in Viagra-like solutions (just Viagra alone has helped over 100ml. of males around the globe eliminate the manifestations of erectile dysfunction and get back to normality) the quality of customer service and products oftentimes goes through the floor. It oftentimes happens that people who have managed to find at least something (a store that offers relatively cheap Viagra with no extra features and shopping experience you’ve got used to at myriads of other industries) rarely switch to something new. But when you are looking for quality drugs on the web you should give a try to plenty of options until you find the best one, unless you don’t know where to buy drugs.

Real story. Real facts.

So here’s my story – I’ve discovered Canadian Health&Care Mall in the beginning of 2011 when I was looking for affordable alternatives to original Viagra by Pfizer. Because of my physiology I have to resort to pde-5 solutions regularly, which means considerable expenses in the long run. Unfortunately, I cannot afford buying original medications at the moment (perhaps, if I had heaps of money I wouldn’t bother myself with savings, but that’s not my case). At Canadian Health&Care Mall Company I save around $40 on 1 pack of Viagra, which means around $900 in savings annually. I’m just a regular buyer and I drop in at the website regularly to see what’s new is in store (I monitor discounts and promotions, launched on a quite regular basis). I’m also subscribed to the newsletter so I get the exclusive offers delivered straight to my email. I don’t even count the money I’m saving with bonuses. Yes, these guys tend to upgrade your orders with extra pack of medication without even noticing you. For the first time I’ve got an extra pack of Viagra worthy $50 I was amazed. But the pleasant surprise was there a couple of times more.

The quality

Believe me, I do have things to compare with. I’ve been buying original Viagra in the beginning as I was convinced that was the only option you have. This way or the other, when Viagra expenses have started burning a hole in my pocket, I’ve started checking alternatives, and after some 5-7 orders at different companies I’ve found CH&CM Viagra in Canada… and the difference was absolutely crucial. You can compare the quality of Viagra at Canadian Health&Care Mall with original preparation and I bet you will not be able to find any difference. The onset of effect takes around 40 minutes in both cases. Side effects? It seems that if you take a pill with a high concentration of active ingredient mild headaches seem to be inevitable (I’ve been testing a huge variety of Viagra modifications). In both cases the action is maintained within up to 4 hours, give it or take.

Now back to the customer service – the speed of delivery is something that has space for improvement (especially if you live in far-removed regions), however, if you place your order on, let’s say, Monday, you can expect the delivery on Friday (maybe earlier). The order is delivered to your door in a firm, discreet package and with no signs that it is medication. I used to contact customer care team to update the status of my order and both times a reply followed in 2-5 hours.

You should definitely give it a try, I highly recommend buying from this platform – they are fair, diligent and reliable. You will hardly find such an impressive price-value mix


People love new things. They find those more effective and useful. Especially when it goes about saving their time. Progress takes place in all spheres of life including the sphere of healthcare. New medications along with new devices turn up. In most cases they lead to better results and sooner healing. However, as researches of certain new medications go on, people often find out that with the growth of efficiency side effects multiply as well. That is why before trying some new medications people take care of checking out if the medications are totally safe to health and if proper researches have been held over those medications. Or else, before trying some new medications for men’s health improvement like Viagra they dig over the Internet to check out what ways of men’s health enhancement were applied before Viagra turned up.

Basic Reasons of Men’s Health Disorders

Reasons of men’s health disorders can be of two natures:

• psychological;
• organic.
Every physically healthy man experiences a spontaneous erection at night and in the morning. If you notice that your erection turns up rarer and rarer or if it fails to turn up at all, then you have been dealing with impotence of organic nature. A gradually decreasing erection can be the result of the following hidden diseases:

• diabetes;
• nerve system disorder;
• blood circulation disorder;
• low level of male hormone – testosterone.

Unexpected rare erections at night and in the morning can tell you about the psychological nature of impotence. In this case, sufferers can even experience difficulties to maintain erection, and it often fails in a few seconds after turning up. Such condition can be caused by the following psychological reasons:

• depression;
• fears;
• lack of self-confidence.

Comparatively Ancient Ways of Impotence Treatment

So, before Canadian Pharmacy offered such an easy and effective medication for impotence treatment as Viagra, people stuck to the ways on the natural basis.

• herbal medications;
• massages;
• and even leechcraft (as leeches influence blood circulation troubles).

Herbal Treatment

This includes treatment with certain herbs, vegetables, bark and so on. Many men can find it cheaper than Viagra because among vegetables there are so frequently used onions, carrots and garlic. As for herbs, parsley, coriander, motherwort and hop were quite popular. Even nuts can be used for men’s health enhancement. Walnut is recommended as the most effective one.


Penis is actually a muscle which must be regularly trained. Thus, massaging it you actually train it. Though, penis massage must in no way be understood as masturbation because the final results are different. In old times massages were not much popular but certain healers tried to insist on their efficiency. Modern researches prove that it was true.

Buy Viagra in CanadianHealthCareMalll.Com and Solve Your Health Problems Instantly

Well, it’s true that medications on the natural basis are good and safe. But are they that effective? No way. No matter how many onions with garlic and parsley you eat, you will rather scare your partner away than have any chance to boast of your perfect erection and durable sexual contact. Herbal treatment never performs instant results as Viagra online does. It is a long process that should begin when you have noticed erection failure for the first time and go on for the rest of your life.

You should look over the side effects expected from such effective medications for men’s health improvement as Viagra offered by Canadian Pharmacy once again and consider the co-relation of effectiveness and range of those effects. In fact, those that just do not feel that bold to leave their attempts of improving their health by old methods should take a closer look at Viagra consisting of natural ingredients. This is a wonderful alternative to herbs because it is more effective and causes fewer side effects than pills based on chemical ingredients.