The present article features the answers of Smart Canadian Pharmacy to the 3 most common questions about Viagra. Let’s learn more.

What is a clinical effectiveness of ‘Viagra’?

Top 3 Popular Questions about Viagra (Sildenafil)

According to the data of numerous clinical researches and trials on volunteers with different types of erectile dysfunction, including our own data too, sildenafil citrate has a quite high effectiveness. But here we should stress some nuances.

Effectiveness of ‘Viagra’ highly depends on the type of erectile dysfunction and associated diseases. For example, if the medication is quite effective for vascular type of erectile dysfunction, the results of its application in case of pathological venous drainage are much worse.

Unfortunately, there’s no remedy that can cure all diseases or in our case – all types of erectile dysfunction. ‘Viagra’ is not a panacea, although it can help in many cases, but unfortunately, it cannot help all patients.

Viagra’ is effective for patients with atherosclerosis, traumas of penile nerves, diabetes. Results of application are not that good, as we have already told, in cases of patients with pathological venous drainage. In each of the abovementioned case a doctor can help you to treat your disease. Only a doctor can prescribe an adequate treatment regimen and choose the best medication. So we simply send you to people in white coats.

‘Viagra’ indications and how to take it?

Well, ‘Viagra’ is indicated for people, suffering from erectile dysfunction of a different origin – be it vascular disorders or injuries of penile nerves. The only exception is a severe fibrosis of cavernous bodies, as in this case blood flow to penis isn’t likely to improve the patient’s condition, and so called ‘pathological venous drainage of cavernous bodies’ would be to strong to make erection possible.

Taking ‘Viagra’ is very simple. All you should do is just take one pill about an hour before your sexual activity. In about 30-60 minutes begins ‘Viagra’s effect and maintains for 4 hours. But the effect of ‘Viagra’ begins only in response to sexual stimulation.

It’s better to take ‘Viagra’ before meals, as in such a case it’s effect begins earlier. If you take ‘Viagra’ after meals, especially if you have eaten rich food, your body will need much time to uptake the medication and it’s effect will begin later.

‘Viagra’ has such an effect that you should take in only when you want to have a sexual intercourse. Don’t take ‘Viagra’ more than once a day. You should know that ‘Viagra’ is not an aphrodisiac.

Who should take ‘Viagra’ more carefully?

Such people are few, but they exist. First of all they are people with severe cardiovascular diseases (cardiac failure, cardiac angina, disorders of cerebral blood circulation). These people need a permanent medical supervision, as a sexual intercourse is a serious exercise stress for a man. Remember it, if you have such symptoms as heart pains during exercise and/or at rest, memory impairments for disorders of task performance, progressing for last several months, or you have, God forbid, suffered a heart attack or a stroke, you should obligatorily consult a doctor subject to advisability of taking ‘Viagra’.

Besides people with cardiovascular diseases, patients who previously suffered from priapism (pathological condition that is characterized by erections not connected with sexual stimulation and can continue for many hours, causing intense pain in penis. Although till now no complaints about priapism associated with taking ‘Viagra’ have been recorded, patients with underlying risks for priapism also require medical supervision.

Besides all abovementioned, people who intend to operate different kinds of machinery after taking ‘Viagra Generic’ should also be careful, as sometimes after intake of ‘Viagra’ can occur a short-term changes in color perception with domination of blue colors. In this regard a management of one American air companies forbade its pilots to take ‘Viagra’ an hour before the flights. And as reported by a local American newspaper, a pensioner from Wyoming brought legal proceedings against American Company. The story is the following; he took a pill of ‘Viagra’ and drove to his girlfriend. On the way he felt changes in color perception – it seemed to him that suddenly electrical discharges began to move through his hands and fingers. He was so captured by this scene that didn’t notice police car on a roadside and crashed into it at full speed. So, men, let’s be careful on a road!

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People love new things. They find those more effective and useful. Especially when it goes about saving their time. Progress takes place in all spheres of life including the sphere of healthcare. New medications along with new devices turn up. In most cases they lead to better results and sooner healing. However, as researches of certain new medications go on, people often find out that with the growth of efficiency side effects multiply as well. That is why before trying some new medications people take care of checking out if the medications are totally safe to health and if proper researches have been held over those medications. Or else, before trying some new medications for men’s health improvement like Viagra they dig over the Internet to check out what ways of men’s health enhancement were applied before Viagra turned up.

Basic Reasons of Men’s Health Disorders

Reasons of men’s health disorders can be of two natures:

• psychological;
• organic.
Every physically healthy man experiences a spontaneous erection at night and in the morning. If you notice that your erection turns up rarer and rarer or if it fails to turn up at all, then you have been dealing with impotence of organic nature. A gradually decreasing erection can be the result of the following hidden diseases:

• diabetes;
• nerve system disorder;
• blood circulation disorder;
• low level of male hormone – testosterone.

Unexpected rare erections at night and in the morning can tell you about the psychological nature of impotence. In this case, sufferers can even experience difficulties to maintain erection, and it often fails in a few seconds after turning up. Such condition can be caused by the following psychological reasons:

• depression;
• fears;
• lack of self-confidence.

Comparatively Ancient Ways of Impotence Treatment

So, before Canadian Pharmacy offered such an easy and effective medication for impotence treatment as Viagra, people stuck to the ways on the natural basis.

• herbal medications;
• massages;
• and even leechcraft (as leeches influence blood circulation troubles).

Herbal Treatment

This includes treatment with certain herbs, vegetables, bark and so on. Many men can find it cheaper than Viagra because among vegetables there are so frequently used onions, carrots and garlic. As for herbs, parsley, coriander, motherwort and hop were quite popular. Even nuts can be used for men’s health enhancement. Walnut is recommended as the most effective one.


Penis is actually a muscle which must be regularly trained. Thus, massaging it you actually train it. Though, penis massage must in no way be understood as masturbation because the final results are different. In old times massages were not much popular but certain healers tried to insist on their efficiency. Modern researches prove that it was true.

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Well, it’s true that medications on the natural basis are good and safe. But are they that effective? No way. No matter how many onions with garlic and parsley you eat, you will rather scare your partner away than have any chance to boast of your perfect erection and durable sexual contact. Herbal treatment never performs instant results as Viagra online does. It is a long process that should begin when you have noticed erection failure for the first time and go on for the rest of your life.

You should look over the side effects expected from such effective medications for men’s health improvement as Viagra offered by Canadian Pharmacy once again and consider the co-relation of effectiveness and range of those effects. In fact, those that just do not feel that bold to leave their attempts of improving their health by old methods should take a closer look at Viagra consisting of natural ingredients. This is a wonderful alternative to herbs because it is more effective and causes fewer side effects than pills based on chemical ingredients.