Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction is not an unknown word anymore. With each passing day you get to know more about this sexual problem of men. Several treatments for this disease have been invented. All of them have been thoroughly tested some have succeeded in the test and some have not.

More than hundred million men all around the world suffer from this problem. Viagra is the best option for the impotence treatment till now, this fact we all know. But just like other prescription medication this can also cause some unwanted side effects and thus it is not appropriate for everyone.

“Necessity is the mother of inventions”, we’ve heard this quote several times. So there was a need for the products which can be taken by those men who didn’t find Viagra suitable for them. And after years of hard work and research one can say that fortunately there are many options available to cure impotence.

Vacuum Penis Pumps

The main reason for the erectile dysfunction is the loss of erections, this happens due to poor blood flow in the genitals. The vacuum pumps works by creating the vacuum around the penis which forces the blood to reach the penile region. This increases the blood flow in the penile region and enlarges its size.

These devices may appear cumbersome to you, but they are really effective to get the desired erection. It is appropriate for men who are suffering from moderate degree of erectile dysfunction and generally well adapted by them.

One recent study suggest that a large number of men who have used both Viagra and penis pumps opt for the latter because they have benefitted more from it as compared to the pill.

Herbal medications to improve testosterone levels

Low testosterone is a common problem among men, men older than 60 years suffer from this problem. Hormonal replacement therapy is still in debate regarding the risks involved in it.

Testosterone can improve the ED in men. This hormone is pretty effective in improving the sexual desire and libido and has other beneficial effects to the ED.

Herbal medications like VigRX improve the libido in men along with improving the testosterone levels in man, though the primary role of VigRX is to increase penis size. One other herbal pill which is really popular for impotence cure is Viapro. This pill helps to achieve the erections within 30 minutes of its intake.

Other medications may also have a positive effect on ED. It has been observed that anti smoking medication bupropion (Wellbutrin) not only helps to quit smoking but it also increases the libido.

Penile Implants and Surgeries

For more serious cases of ED, surgical implants are available toady. Some of these devices add permanent stiffness to the penis, while others have an inflatable balloon, which allows man to produce an erection mechanically.

While the promotion of Viagra has led to perhaps reduce the interest in procedures for surgical implants, at least one study suggests that a relatively long-term follow-ups of surgery are better than those from the drugs including Viagra.

These results should however be interpreted with caution because they have not been widely confirmed. Also, men should be warned that once the implants are placed, they may never have an erection regardless because the implants can damage the erectile tissue.

For men with damaged blood vessels, surgery can be performed to bypass blocked arteries to the penis, or tie leaky veins that allow blood to leak from the penis during erection.