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Sildenafil, the medicine that was marketed under the brand name of VIAGRA is known for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) and male impotence. This became a drug that rocked the world and brought a revolution in the social life of many when it was introduced.

Making it to the headlines for to its effects on decreasing the blood pressure seen in those who used it for ED, it was therefore studied in some diseases of the blood vessels and among them was also pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH). On significant research it was shown to be very helpful in PAH, so this wonder drug was then approved for the treatment of PAH in 2005.

Sildenafil is the drug of the class known as selective inhibitors of cGMP specific phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5). The last of medicine classes discussed at pharmacy online and grouped for the treatment of PH, it dilates the vessels and causes the blood pressure to decrease so as to comfort you from hypertensive effects.
The recommended sildenafil treatment for your pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) if you are classed in the WHO Group I, is for improving your exercise ability, help lessen your symptoms, and slow down worsening changes in your physical conditions.

While VIAGRA can still be used for improvement of symptoms of pulmonary arterial hypertension, another brand of the sildenafil for this purpose was introduced. The reason behind it was that they were to use this newer version of sildenafil solely for the purpose of PAH and not for the ED and impotence.

REVATIO, the newer marketed version of this drug was modified in dose of sildenafil. While VIAGRA is available as 25, 50 and100 mg pills, REVATIO was introduced as 20 mg pills taken 3 times a day and is available only on prescription from by your doctor. The recommended dose of REVATIO is 20 mg three times a day if you suffer from PAH.

VIAGRA or REVATIO, which one is better for PAH?
Both can be used for treatment of PAH, it is different only in dose and duration. So I think it is better to have REVATIO as it is made for the purpose of PAH of treatment. Keeping the side effects as a difference in judging which one to take is not significant as it is the same generic drug. Let me clear your mind in this view that it is not the game of brands and generics. The only difference is the dose in which these are available.

VIAGRA having higher amount of the drug has a more chance of inflicting you with severe side effects. So better take up REVATIO instead of VIAGRA for your PH treatment if I have to tell you.VIAGRA or REVATIO whatever is the case, ask your doctor and consult it only for the sake of your health. You can find a lot of pharmacy online practice sites across the internet that are flooded with these two brands and to find out regarding these type of drugs, which you are just a click away from.

Why Risk your Life on Generic Viagra

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Viagra is the highest selling drug of all times, helping millions of men have more fulfilling sexual lives. But how safe is it?

Sildefanil is the generic name for Viagra. It is presently marketed under the generic name of Sildenfil. This drug was originally developed for hypertension but was later found out to increase blood flow to the penis, thus making it perfect for erectile dysfunction or impotence. It works by dilating the blood vessels which increases the flow of blood that enters the genital area to cause an erection. While it helps men with erectile dysfunction, it will not cure it. Many people believe this but ED is a serious medical condition that is caused by psychological and physical conditions. These conditions should be addressed first before doctors can prescribe the drug.

Generic Viagra or Sildefanil or Sildenfil can be very detrimental for people with pre-existing heart disease, abnormal blood pressure, prior heart attacks or other heart problems. University of Minnesota’s ophthalmologist did a study on a group of men with permanent blindness traceable to the use of this drug. This eye condition is called nonarteritic ischemic optic neuropathy (NAION) or eye stroke which happens when blood flow to the optic nerve is cut off. The eye stroke and permanent blindness of seven patients happened 36 hour after taking sildefanil.

While used to treat erectile dysfunction in men, it has also been widely used as a sexual enhancer. Young men, even of college age, are using this drug as if it were just some party pill. There are reported cases of death in young men who took the generic Viagra together with street drugs called poopers or poppers containing amyl nitrate and butyl nitrate. Poppers lower the blood pressure levels and sildefanil does the same thing so when it is combined, it leads to a dangerously low blood pressure level. What is even worse are deaths caused by the deadly combination of health condition treatment drugs and sildefanil. Those taking the pill together with alpha blockers used to treat prostrate and heart problems and with nitrate-based medication like nitroglycerin tablets, nitroglycerin patches, nitroglycerin ointment, nitroglycerin spray, nitrogyclerin paste and isosorbide pills are in the danger of very low blood pressure levels. It is likewise dangerous to take sildefanil with other erectile dysfunction drugs like vardenafil or tadalafil which some people do thinking that it can increase their sexual prowess. Rather, it puts them at the risk of heart attacks or strokes or even worse, death.

What is more alarming is that a lot of men take the generic Viagra without knowing what its effect is when combined with their other prescription drugs. Before they know it, they would already be experiencing its side-effects including blindness, heart attacks and death. For the temporary sexual satisfaction they get, they may have to pay for it with their lives. Generic Viagra is very much available in online pharmacy stores or internet sites that do not require prescriptions. How would they know what the effect of sildefanil is when taken in their present condition or with their pre-existing medication when they just take it indiscriminately?

Ignorance can be fatal. What is a few moments of pleasure compared to the risks it brings to your life. There are other solutions to erectile dysfunction or sexual enhancement that ensures you are protected.