It is really a bane for a man to suffer from erectile dysfunction. It is one of the most dreaded ailments that one can ever think of suffering from. ED has been the issue of a number of divorces around the world. This has been because of the fact that people need both love and sex in their lives. In the absence of any of the two, a significant vacuum is created and this imbalance an only be corrected with solid measures. Thanks to Viagra, people have now found out a way to make sure that they are able to enjoy their sex lives as much as they are ale to enjoy their love life.


Viagra or Sildenafil citrate was actually discovered by chance. In the days when research was on to find a perfect cure for Angina, Sildenafil used to be the favourite drug of scientists as it was newly discovered. But to their utter disappointment, it turned out that it had a very weak effect on patients suffering from angina. However, one considerable side effect of this drug was erection in men. Scientists saw that this compound was not only inducing a considerable amount of blood flow to the penis, it was also maintaining that for a few hours. And thus, Viagra Tablets Online came to exist.

But like any other pill, Viagra can have a potential number of side effects. Viagra should only be taken after the proper advice of a registered medical practitioner. This is because of the fact that it can have a multitude of harmful effects on the heart of an individual. People who are heart patients must therefore be careful when it comes to the unwarranted used of this medicine. Further, you can also buy this drug on the net. It can be a cheaper bargain to avail of this medication on the net on account of the fact that a lot of discounts are available on the net. You can Buy Viagra Online at competitive process as compared to retail stores and enjoy the benefits it has to give you

A new report commission by the makers of erectile dysfunction medications to calm fears about the reported side effects of common impotence medications has shown that neither Viagra nor Cialis is damaging to the sight. U.S researchers have reported that after six months, healthy men taking one of the two drugs reported no significant vision problems.

The study examined 244 healthy men who had no previous problems with their sight but were experiencing erectile dysfunction. The trial was randomised and designed to find any changes in the retina amongst those taking the medications. 85 took 5 milligrams of Cialis, 77 took 50 milligrams of Viagra, Pfizer’s medication, and 82 were given a placebo. Tests were carried out on their eyes comprehensively, including visual function tests, measurements of pressure and electroretinography, the measurement of electrical responses in the eyes cells.

The scientists acknowledged that their study was limited due the low doses taken by the men, compared with the doses used in some other studies tracking retinal changes. They also warned that as men with existing eye problems were excluded from the study, the results were not applicable to this group.

The market for erectile dysfunction medications is a massive source of money for pharmaceutical companies, with combined sales of the two most popular medications, Cialis online Canada and Viagra, making more than $1 billion globally. Some men prefer to buy Cialis as the effects last longer, but many continue to buy Viagra on the basis of its immediately recognisable brand name. Sales of Levitra, Bayer’s version of the drug, are also considerable though this medication was excluded from the study. Reports of side-effects seriously unnerved the three manufacturers, hence Eli Liley funded the study to discover whether their medication could indeed damage sight.

The reports were also alarming as they heightened the stigma already existing around erectile dysfunction, conjuring up memories of the stories of counterfeit E.D medications being sold over the internet, with the potential to seriously harm men’s health. While there are legal online clinics selling medications with a doctor’s prescription, counterfeit drugs abound. It is therefore in the pharmaceutical industry’s interest to behave as correctly as possible; quickly initiating a clinical trial is an excellent way to allay fears.

However as a relatively small number of men took part and they received a low dose of the treatment, it is to be hoped that more extensive trials will now be initiated. Nonetheless, rumours of side effects are unlikely to put off the millions of men who have had their lives dramatically altered by the advent of treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Today, in the market a big number of ED drugs available but when you Buy Viagra becomes the fan of this drug as it acts as aphrodisiac for you if you suffer erectile dysfunction and looking for a cheapest treatment for you because you are not in condition to afford the branded medication to treat your impotence.

Its generic name is Sildenafil that belongs to a group of medicine called PDE5 inhibitor and is swallowed available in three different strengths as 25mg, 50mg and 100mg. You may use the suitable strength of the drug according to your requirement or affects of erectile dysfunction on you. It is popularly known as the blue pill in the market and is the very first most popular ED or impotence treatment pill.

Generic Viagra, as its name implies clearly, is a generic medicine but you have nothing to worry about its effects as it contains the same active ingredients as brand Viagra that help men by relaxing their blood vessels and flooded it full of blood, it causes harden the male sex organ as a results it make him able to have as well as give his partner the ultimate pleasure during the sex.

When you Buy Viagra you must remember one thing that it is important to take this drug before 30 minutes of engaging sexual activity but once you take orally you can be ensure about a complete satisfactory sexual intercourse without having any problem. Its effects lasts four to five hours once taken which is surely a good enough duration to have a satisfied sex.

Generic Cialis is also an oral medication to treat erectile dysfunction or male impotence by enabling a man to achieve or sustain sufficient erection during intercourse after using this drug. It prolongs 36 to 40 hours once taken simply by mouth before anticipating the sexual activity on bed.

The best thing is that it has the same active ingredients as branded but it cost lower than branded Cialis and can be bought through the online pharmacy easily. It comes in tablet form and in different strength as 10mg; 20mg etc and you can use the dose according to your requirement as recommended half an hour prior to anticipating sexual activity for better results.

Generic Viagra which is also called Sildenafil Citrate an oral medicine prescribed to treat male impotence also known as erectile dysfunction or ED. It appears in the market by containing the same active ingredients as the brand Viagra. So those who worried that whether it is safe or not can rely on this drug because this drug is different from the brand Viagra only in name otherwise it is similar to branded in everything as color, size, strength and effects. One of the great advantages of choosing Generic Viagra instead branded is lower price of the drug called Generic Viagra.

It normally takes only 30 minutes to start action and ensure its user to have a satisfied sexual stimulation with his partner along with more pleasure that couldn’t be forget ever. This drug formulated specifically to dispel all the symptoms of erectile dysfunction by increasing the blood flow into the penile arteries of men which is the main part and helps the male person to attain or sustain sufficient erection during their intercourse and enable him to have a complete and satisfied sexual stimulation with his partner.

When you Buy Viagra you have to ready for both advantages as well as fewer side effects. Though, Generic Viagra has some complications while using it but the best thing is that such complications are for very short time period which is only some hour somehow few minutes and are natural that can be finish within least time span as it contains the same active ingredients as brand Viagra available in the market.

Generic Cialis is also another one excellent quality generic medicine and its name intends itself that it comes from the group of several generic medicines which are specifically formulated to help the men who suffer erectile dysfunction. It is also known as the name of Tadalafil as it has the ingredient called Tadalafil that help men to retain an erection when he sexually aroused with his partner after using this drug.

It is also an oral medicine and prescribed to treat erectile dysfunction or male impotence instantly. Though it work similar to Generic Viagra but the one thing that made it better is its remaining duration of effectiveness. Yes, Generic Cialis remain effective 36 to 40 hours with full of effectiveness and power which is undoubtedly a bigger duration of remaining than Generic Viagra.

If you also required a cheapest medication to treat your impotence because you couldn’t afford the branded due to its higher cost than generic medicines can definitely be a best alternate for you. Just rely on above mentioned drugs Generic Cialis Canada and Generic Viagra; and buy any one of them either buy Viagra or Cialis through the HQ Canada pharmacy and dispel your Erectile Dysfunction problem effectively.

Viagra A Woman’s Perspective

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Viagra for Him, Viagra for Her. It sounds like a new ad, doesn’t it? There are two ways Viagra could affect your sex life: if he takes it and if someday she takes it.

If He Takes Viagra
Most people know that Viagra (Sildenafil) is the drug to cure impotency. This can only improve a woman’s sex life right? Not always. Many couples in the age group most affected (the 50s or older) grew up with the idea of the missionary position and thrusting as defining sex. Impotency caused some couples to stop physical intimacy all together. They didn’t know there are other ways to have sex. But, others discovered what the AIDS/Safe Sex Generation takes for granted. More specifically, many of these couples discovered the clitoris. Some of the women had an orgasm for the first time. Viagra may take women backwards. Whatever communication got you to sexual activity in spite of impotency needs to be used again to express your desire to keep doing what you have been doing. If you are someone who stopped everything and aren’t looking forward to going back because it wasn’t that good for you anyway, then you need to find the words to talk about this and learn what you want.

If She Takes Viagra
Viagra works by increasing blood flow to the genital area. The penis and the clitoris are analogous organs. If the penis can become erect through Viagra, why cant the clitoris? An erect clitoris is necessary for female orgasm, as it is for males. So, Viagra could conceivably work for women who are an-orgasmic. There have been a few studies done recently on the use of Viagra in women, but most of them have been performed with too few subjects to make any definite conclusions. The most useful study involved treating 33 post-menopausal women, who complained of sexual dysfunction, with Viagra for a time period of three months. Did treatment improve your sexual function? Mean scores showed that lubrication improved by 23.2%, orgasm by 7.4%, and clitoral sensation by 31.3%. However, overall only 18.1% of the women had a significant therapeutic response. Negative side effects included clitoral discomfort and hypersensitivity in 21% of the women, headache and dizziness. This study shows that overall sexual function did not improve significantly. However, since there have been relatively few studies done on this subject, at this point no definite conclusions can be made regarding the role of Viagra in women.

Should any normal human being take Viagra to be better than before? No! In men, the term is priapism, which is a very painful prolonged erection. In women, the analogous problem could be pelvic congestion, which is also painful. Viagra is only for people who are already experiencing difficulty with sex.