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Can Viagra Save Your Relationship?

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Erectile dysfunction is a condition that inhibits the erection function of a man’s penis. It can be caused by emotional problems, circulatory problems and by physical injuries to the penis or groin. While most of these problems can be corrected with medication or surgery, failing to treat ED can damage more than your health, it can also damage your relationship with your mate.
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Physical Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

In the past, emotional problems have been blamed for the majority of erectile dysfunction cases. However, recent studies have shown that this is not the case. In reality, physical problems seem to be the main cause of most cases of ED. Unfortunately there are a lot of different physical conditions that can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Serious health conditions like diabetes and heart disease can lead to erectile dysfunction, and are top causes of this condition. The reason that these health conditions can lead to erectile dysfunction is because they impact your circulatory system, which in turn impacts the amount of blood that is able to reach your penis and support an erection. These diseases can also damage the nerves required to establish and sustain an erection. When these conditions are not treated properly, and in some cases, even when they are treated appropriate, ED can develop.

Hormone disorders can also lead to erectile dysfunction, however, less than 5 percent of ED cases are caused by this. Low levels of testosterone or excessively high levels of prolactin can both impact a man’s libido and impair his ability to achieve an erection.

Physical trauma can also lead to erectile dysfunction. Trauma to the pelvis, spinal cord and lower organs, can all lead to damage of vital nerves and blood vessels required for erections. Abdominal and lower gastrointestinal surgeries are particularly high risk activities that can easily lead to ED problems. Fortunately, new surgical technologies are making these types of surgeries much safer for men.

Drugs can also lead to erectile dysfunction. Many men don’t realize that some of the medications that they take for heart conditions and blood pressure can lead to ED. There are over 200 different types of commonly used prescriptions that can impact a man’s libido and inevitably his ability to have an erection.

Emotional Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

In addition to physical causes, emotional and psychological problems can also lead to ED. Psychological problems like depression, stress, guilt and anxiety can all lower a man’s sex drive and lead to erectile dysfunction. The problem with psychological causes of ED is that they are self-perpetuating catalysts. This means that the condition can lead to the first occurrence of erectile dysfunction, but then lead to worries, anxiety and stress about not being able to have an erection which compounds the problem and leads to further struggles with ED.

Sex, Intimacy and Relationships

For men, sex is one of the highest levels of communication and connection they can have with their mates. This physical act not only helps to keep a man interested in a long term relationship, but it also is used to reaffirm his feeling of masculinity and to center his ego. Erectile dysfunction, therefore, impairs a man’s ability to connect with his mate, as well as impairing his self-esteem. This combination can be lethal to relationships.

Can Viagra Save Your Relationship?

Viagra was the first FDA approved pharmaceutical treatment for erectile dysfunction. It has been on the market since 1996 and it is an effective way to regain control of your sexuality. This treatment will first help you to re-establish your sexual intimacy with your partner, however, it can also help to resolve the emotional distance between you and your mate.

As mentioned above, a man’s self-esteem and ego are grounded in his ability to have sex. When he loses the ability to have sex he may feel like less of a man, he may feel depressed and he may start withdrawing from his relationships. These negative emotions and anti-social behaviors can be very damaging to interpersonal relationships the man has, and in some cases can even lead to the ending of long term relationships. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case.

Once on a regular schedule of Viagra, you will be able to re-establish your physical connection with your mate, which will in turn help you to rebuild your self-esteem and willingness to interact with your mate. This will then, in turn, help you to rebuild your emotional connection with them.

If you take the first steps towards taking care of your health, and you are open to rebuilding the foundation of your relationship, then Viagra can help you to save your relationship and develop an even deeper connection with your mate.

Perhaps, nothing in life can be more frustrating than a sex life, which is in serious danger of going down the drain. Unfortunately, many couples undergo this trauma when impotence strikes the man out of the blue.

It literally hits the man below the belt and leaves him feeling insecure and powerless. He is often tormented by doubts over his masculinity and the problem consumes a lot of his mental energy as he frets over it.

Costly neglect
Such men tend to emotionally and physically withdraw from their partners thereby straining the relationship. When men intentionally or unintentionally neglect the problem, they only end up harming themselves by decreasing the chances for a positive treatment experience and prolonging recovery.

Instead, it would be more prudent for affected men to tackle the scourge head-on. The first step would be to understand the problem and get to its root.

Know the problem
No doubt, ejaculation is intensely pleasurable for men. But it is regulated by different systems and is as such a complex phenomenon. So, things often can and do go wrong. More than four out of five cases of impotence are the result of a medical problem. Physical impotence can be caused by conditions like diabetes, hypertension, coronary artery disease, hormonal disorders, nerve damage, radiation therapy, injury and substance abuse.

Psychological causes of impotence can include stress-related disorders secondary to depression, addiction or problems caused by work or family.

Counselling and therapy can help if impotence is due to psychological factors. However, if it is due to physical causes, then drug therapy could be the best option besides cutting down on smoking, drinking and substance abuse.

Tried and trusted drug
More than 23 million impotent men worldwide used Generic Viagra to get harder erections and put their sex life back on track. Over 1 billion doses of Generic Viagra have already been prescribed. The little blue pill helps impotent men respond to sexual stimulation by increasing blood flow to the penis. This helps them consistently get and keep an erection.

Statistics show that more than 80 per cent of men taking Generic Viagra 100 mg could get better erections. Its safety has been demonstrated in over 130 clinical trials involving 1,3,000 men.
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It is really a bane for a man to suffer from erectile dysfunction. It is one of the most dreaded ailments that one can ever think of suffering from. ED has been the issue of a number of divorces around the world. This has been because of the fact that people need both love and sex in their lives. In the absence of any of the two, a significant vacuum is created and this imbalance an only be corrected with solid measures. Thanks to Viagra, people have now found out a way to make sure that they are able to enjoy their sex lives as much as they are ale to enjoy their love life.


Viagra or Sildenafil citrate was actually discovered by chance. In the days when research was on to find a perfect cure for Angina, Sildenafil used to be the favourite drug of scientists as it was newly discovered. But to their utter disappointment, it turned out that it had a very weak effect on patients suffering from angina. However, one considerable side effect of this drug was erection in men. Scientists saw that this compound was not only inducing a considerable amount of blood flow to the penis, it was also maintaining that for a few hours. And thus, Viagra Tablets Online came to exist.

But like any other pill, Viagra can have a potential number of side effects. Viagra should only be taken after the proper advice of a registered medical practitioner. This is because of the fact that it can have a multitude of harmful effects on the heart of an individual. People who are heart patients must therefore be careful when it comes to the unwarranted used of this medicine. Further, you can also buy this drug on the net. It can be a cheaper bargain to avail of this medication on the net on account of the fact that a lot of discounts are available on the net. You can Buy Viagra Online at competitive process as compared to retail stores and enjoy the benefits it has to give you

Having problems getting an erection? Can’t keep an erection long enough? Having problems maintaining an erection ahead of or during sexual intercourse? If you have responded yes to all these questions, then you might need toget hold of generic Viagra or other impotence prescription drugs. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is more widespread than many peoplethink. A recent study has proved that over 1 / 2 of males that are in their 40s experience erection problems at some level.

On the other hand, to be sure that a man is indeed suffering from impotence problems, he must talk to his health care provider first. There are a lot of general practitioners who can accurately identify and also treat erectile dysfunction. A person can easily also talk to an urologist which is a medical specialist regarding this particular type of problem.

Every niche that may aid in dealing with erectile dysfunction is widely represented, as several are psychologists, urologists, and internal medicine specialists. These types of physicians can easily recommend the ideal treatment method necessary with regard to impotence problems, such as generic Viagra, generic Cialis, or generic Levitra.

It is suggested that men consult a physician first before purchasing virtually any of these medications. This is to make certain that the doctor has accurately identified the patient’s situation as well as which the health care provider has prescribed the proper dosage for the customer.Manufacturers guide that taking any kind of other medicine (besides erectile dysfunction prescription drugs) might endanger a patient’s wellness.

Users of generic Viagra, generic Cialis, and generic Levitra shouldn’t take these types of prescription drugs if they are taking nitrates, which in turn are generally given for chest pains. Dosages also vary when it comes to age. For generic Viagra, the lowest dosage advised for guys older than sixty five years old is usually 25 milligrams. The dose is actually also different for generic Cialis and generic Levitra.

Guys can purchase these types of prescription drugs via a neighborhood drug store or through an online pharmacy, and these pharmacies will certainly demand a prescription from the health care provider. Prospective consumers are cautioned against some drug stores which are offering to sell them these kinds of medicines without the need of requesting a prescription as these are likely counterfeit drugs. Counterfeit medications may have components that can become unsafe to a patient’s health. Theycould also be dangerous if they have an excessive amount of a substance in each drug, and that can cause an overdose.

Consumers should also check out pharmacy reviews on the internet to check if the pharmacies which are supplying these drugs arelegitimate. The process can protect consumers from obtaining counterfeit medicines which they spend a great deal of money for. Today, people are more vigilant when it comes to their overall health and also where they shell out their money.

Online drug stores which provide generic Viagra, generic Cialis, and generic Levitra Canada are especially helpful to men of all ages having difficulties from erectile dysfunction since they have made the prices of such pills more affordable. On the other hand, reading through online pharmacy reviews can provide the consumer in-depth knowledge and a lot more choices. Be certain you get generic Viagra from the best online pharmacy. If you’re able to do this, you don’t have to worry about buying bogus drugs. You can actually just relax in the assurance that you are dealing with your condition properly.

Generic Viagra And The Anniversary

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Susan woke up with a smile on her face; it was her wedding anniversary, she and Dave had been married for five years now. She rolled over to give Dave a hug, when all she found was an empty bed. She wasn’t too happy that Dave had gone to work without saying goodbye. Thinking that maybe he wanted to let her enjoy sleeping late, she got up and began her day. Susan looked all over the house for some type of note from Dave; it wasn’t like him to forget this special day. She was rather surprised that she didn’t see one clue that he remembered it was their anniversary. She had no idea that Dave had Generic Viagra on his mind.

Heading off to work, she waited all day for flowers to arrive. Surely, Dave would have roses delivered to me, she thought. As she got her things to leave the office, she realized that no flowers were coming. Feeling very upset, she called him; no answer. Wondering why in the world his cell phone would go straight to his voice mail, she hung up her phone. She thought there was no sense in leaving a message, if he didn’t even remember the anniversary. She had no idea that Dave had Generic Viagra Canada on his mind.

Driving home, she though that maybe he would have flowers waiting for her at the house. She ran inside to find whatever wonderful gift her husband would surprise her with. She looked in the living room, she looked in the kitchen, and she saw nothing. There were no flowers and no cards. Susan began to wonder how in the world he could forget that they were married for five wonderful years. Again, she had no idea that Dave had Generic Viagra on his mind. Then she noticed the answering machine had a message on it.

Susan stood in disbelief as she heard Dave’s voice telling her that he had to work late and would not be home for dinner. He told her that maybe she should just eat some leftovers, as he would be home very late. “Leftovers?” Susan yelled, as she grabbed some food from the night before. Susan was steaming mad, as she slammed the button to open the door to the microwave. She was about to find out that Dave had Generic Viagra and their anniversary on his mind.

And then she saw it: a note inside the microwave. It was written on crisp white paper and folder over so that it stood up. Opening it slowly, Susan read the words. “How could you think I would forget this special day, my love? Please go to our room, where you’ll find a beautiful dress I’ve purchased for you. At 7 o’clock, please open the front door. Love, Dave”

Susan smiled as she ran to her bedroom. There before her was a gorgeous red silk dress, and surrounding it in a circle were red flower petals. Getting ready, Susan made sure she looked beautiful for her wonderful husband. She sat on the sofa beginning at 6 o’clock, looking more stunning than ever.

At 7 o’clock, Susan opened the front door. A shiny, black limousine was parked in front of her house. Dave sat inside, clutching his Generic Cialis as it was vital for the evening. He looked around to make sure the champagne was ready; slipped his Generic Viagra Pill into his pocket and then he opened the door to walk out and greet his wife. As the two of them headed off in the limo for a romantic dinner, Dave quickly swallowed his Generic Viagra and he felt rather proud of himself for bringing such an amazing smile to the most beautiful woman he had even seen.

The Magic of Viagra

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What would be life without sex? And, what would be sex without satisfying sexual intercourse?

These questions assume mammoth proportions when a man suffers from erectile dysfunction (ED) commonly known as impotence. It is a condition that arises when the penile region does not get enough blood supply to make the penis erect. Even if erection is achieved it lasts for a short duration denying the partners an opportunity to engage in sexual intercourse.

World wide men over 40 suffer from this effect. Even the younger men are facing this problem. The causes and reasons are varied ranging from psychological to physical to trauma related to side effects of drugs etc.

Advances in medicine led to the discovery of sildenafil citrate which has a unique property of relaxing the muscles in the penile area leading to increased blood flow. This causes the penis to become erect and the erection sustains as the drug continues to work. This ‘magic’ compound is available in the market under the brand name Viagra.

Introduction of Viagra caused a revolution of sorts. Reviews ranged from extreme satisfaction to disastrous side effects. All in all after sometime the issue settled in favor of the drug and as men suffering from ED began to see its benefits. Even those who were not suffering from impotence used it to improve their staying power. Viagra thus became a household name and surely the men knew all about it.

Viagra has been tried all over the world and although it has some side effects, it is still the most popular in its category. If you intend to use it, we recommend that you consult your doctor before beginning the course. The usage will depend on your condition and may require dose adjustment and monitoring. If you are over 65 years or suffer from heart ailments then you must be cautious in its use.

The market is flooded with Generic Viagra and its alternatives. You must be prudent in choosing the proper drug based on your doctor’s prescription. Online pharmacies are a good place to fulfill your order. You will get good deals and genuine stuff. Your orders will be delivered discretely at your doorstep.

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At this moment we would like to point out that your partners role in providing sexual stimulation is necessary. Such acts also increase intimacy leading to a satisfying sexual act. Remember that sexual intercourse is a two way process and you and your partner both have equal roles to play.

We hope that using Viagra will rejuvenate your sex life and bring back the good times which have been missing.

Always practice safe sex.