What happens if a woman takes Viagra?

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A 47 years old, of Cincinnati uses Viagra regularly says that unlike men, Viagra in women can lead to a clear sense of where you are. “I felt like a tingling in the pelvic area,” he says. “I almost could increase blood flow. It was like there was an increase in sensitivity.

The woman gave to your doctor Viagra after a hysterectomy, which is almost impossible to orgasm. She said that Viagra has more than 70% of sexual function. The level of orgasm “is not exactly what I had before – not as full,” he says. “But it’s easier.”

Early studies of Viagra and women do not find work, but doctors say that the studies were not sufficiently selective, and even women with desire disorders, such as men who have such problems, can not be helped by Viagra.

As with men, Viagra is blood flow to the genitals in women. For women who have difficulty achieving orgasm, vaginal dryness or lack of feeling of excitement or engorgement, Viagra may help.

In a recent study of 200 postmenopausal women who had experienced either, and hysterectomy, all in some kind of sexual arousal disorder, half were given Viagra for woman and half received a placebo. The researchers found that 57% of women, Viagra reported improved sensation in the genital area, compared with 44% in the placebo group.

Although many researchers say sexual problems are more complicated in women than in men, and unlikely Viagra always work as well as for women than for men.

What are the Most Common Side Effects, and brings them all?

In addition to helping you have sex, Viagra often gives you headaches, a stuffy nose and a drain, his face beet red. But anyone who uses it seems to forget that a lot. In studies, only about 1% of the population declined because of side effects – exactly the same as those of a placebo.

A strange side effect is visual disturbances, including a blue-green tinge to vision, which is about 3% of the time. In studies, about half of the men, the Viagra experience at least one side, and the incidence is higher at higher doses. For men, the Viagra 100 mg in five trials, 23% had headaches, 17% a red face, and 12% had stomach pain. Side effects appear to be similar for women. Side effects tend to disappear with use, if a patient said he liked the Viagra gave him a headache because I knew that meant he was ready.

David Nail, 39, of West Hollywood, California, began with Viagra after a car accident has with spinal cord injury. He says sex is actually better than before his accident and experienced a strong orgasm. Initially, 50 mg of Viagra he bluish vision and a slight headache. Now rarely gets a headache, and the vision side effect has stopped